Be Positive & Avoid Negative Spiral

We can achieve any realistic goal if we keep on thinking of that goal, and stop thinking any negative thoughts about it. Of course, if we keep thinking that we can’t achieve a goal, our subconscious will help us NOT achieve it. – Napoleon Hill

Last week I’ve attended to a seminar from “Friends of the Eldery” in Valencia. The topic was “Be Positive and Share Happiness”. In a nutshell, we learnt that we need to focus first in ourselves and be content with our own life, so we can share happiness later with the world.

I’ll share my biggest tip from what I’ve learnt trough my experience and this seminar:

Be conscious when you’re experiencing negative thoughts. You must stop these kind of thoughts. Don’t let your mind to go on autopilot and make you fall downward into a spiral of negative thoughts.

Negative Spiral

Once you become aware of those negative thoughts, and you become able to escape this spiral, the easier it’ll become for you the more you do it. You’re in fact rewriting your brain to take these new pathways.

Do not give in to the tough times if you are experiencing them right now. Do not give up on your dreams or the possibility that your situation can change in an instant. Determine for yourself…Ain’t no mountain high enough, and ain’t no valley low enough…to keep you away from your dream of a better future. Kindle the fire of hope and blow on the flames of possibility. You are bigger than any fear and stronger than any doubt about your future. Hold on…keep looking up. It’s not over until you win!! – Les Brown

So please, do it for you and for others. Nobody wants to be surrounded with negative people. Life is short, it’s always now, don’t waste it, and be positive! 💚

Be Positive