10 Lessons Learned from Refactoring To Patterns

Recently I took an online course about Refactoring to Patterns. Here are some keys lessons learned in that course:

1 - Avoid Comments

Use tests or README instead. If you’re involved in a project where comments are present, use your own code to show how you absorb those comments with code/tests.


2 - Options is an Object

If you’re passing options as a parameter, sometimes it’s a good idea to encapsulate those options into its own object.


3 - Switch off Switches

Just don’t use them.


4 - Null is never a message

Don’t use Null to send a message in your method.


5 - Encapsulate Collections

Collections are like Pokemons, they always evolve…


6 - Thesaurus is your Friend

We know naming is hard… That’s why Thesaurus will help you out to find better names either with synonyms or antonyms.


7 - Services don’t return ‘Alien Objects’

A service must be distributed. It only can use primitives or DTOs.


8 - Services don’t raise exceptions

Instead they should return an error message.


9 - Null Object

Always try to use the Null Object pattern.


10 - For needs a Break

Don’t return inside a for loop to halt its execution. Use break instead.