Here I’ll share the books that made me a great impact in my life. Some of them inspired me to write my own book Refactor your Mind.

There are books out there than can change and literally save your life, so keep reading! One of the best advices I’ve received is hearing this quote from Jim Rohn:

Read all the books you need to read

Through books you’ll learn from others and add all those years of experience to your own life.

Personal Growth

Emotional Intelligence


A classic from Daniel Goleman.

Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence


Daniel Goleman teaches us how these days we’re constantly distracted. You’ll learn to focus and reduce distractions to the minimum. Also he talks about the different types of focus.

Gente Tóxica


¿How to deal with toxic people? You’ll find answers here.

In Praise of Idleness


Bertrand Rusell discuss how even we became more productive we still work the same amount of hours (or even more). Written 80 years ago and still applicable today.

Love Yourself Like your Life Depends on it


A powerful truth: Love yourself in all aspects of your life.



Sam Harris exposes how easier and simpler our lives could be if we commit ourselves to telling the truth.

No More Mr Nice Guy


Nice guys are not that good as you’ll see here. They give to get among other negative behaviors. Just for the list of rules of success this is a worth read. See here my expanded list.

On The Shortness of life


Life is not short, we make it short. Learn from Seneca how to make it longer.

On Writing Well


A must read for, well, writing well.

Remote: Office Not Required


In this book you’ll see how working in the office kills productivity and affects the employee’s overall health as well as the benefits and common pitfalls when working remotely.

The 50th Law


An incredible book by Robert Greene & 50 Cent. The most important takeaway from this is book is to be fearless. Don’t wait for the things you want to do, do them now.

The Four Hour Work Week


¿Need help for escaping the rat race? Take a look here.

The God Delusion


The Millonaire-Fastlane


The main takeaway I took from this book: Invest on yourself for increasing your value & don’t exchange your time for money.

The Power of Now


A must read. Eckhart Tolle teaches us how our primary purpose must be to live in the present. That’s the way for finding your inner peace.

The Way of Superior Man


This one is for males, but females could benefit from this too. You’ll learn great lessons: develop your masculinity, female psychology, love & consciousness.


Incognito: The Secret Lives of the brain


The Biology of Belief


You’re not your genes. The environment and your thinking plays a bigger role.

The Future of the Mind


In this book Michio Kaku explores the brain and the things we’ll be able to do in the future. Fascinating!

The Telomerase Revolution


Telomerase might be the key for curing age related diseases and even the aging process itself.

Tutorial on Neural Systems Modeling


Great introduction into Computational Neuroscience.

Computer Science

Clean code


A must read for programmers.

Eloquent Ruby


Nice book for learning not only to write good ruby code, but in any language in general.

Refactoring: Ruby Edition


Here you’ll find many techniques for rewriting your code and make it look better. Don’t forget to refactor when you write code!

The Complete Guide To Rails Performance


Great insights for improving performance not only for apps made with Rails, but for the web in general.

The RSpec Book


Nice introduction into BDD/TDD & RSpec.


The Four Hour Body


If you want to lose fat or gain muscle, read this.

The Paleo Solution


You may want to start saying goodbye to gluten and diary. Just try it by yourself and see the results.

Vamos a comprar mentiras


After reading this you’ll think twice when buying something in the grocery store.

Wheat Belly


You’ll see here why wheat is so harmful for your health.